Control Systems for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning

control_systemTitle: Control Systems for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning

Format: Hardcover
Publication: 1993
Edition: 5 th
ISBN: 0442008376

Price: 900 Baht (second hand book)

This book is intended for the guidances of the engineer who is designing a heating, ventilating or air conditioning system and wants a simple, practical explanation of how best to control that system. It could also be used as a supplemental text in a college or technical school course on refrigeration and air conditioning.

It does not include mathematical analyses of control systems, response factors, Fourier transforms and the like. These are adequately and tehoroughtly covered in a number of up-to-date college-level texts.

What is presented here is an elementary but comprehensive explanation of control system theory, control hardware, and both simple and complex control system. There are also discussions on supervisory controls and the use of computers in control systems.

Throughout, the reader should be aware of the interrelationship between the HVAC contols, the HVAC system, the electrical power system and the building. There have been examples of control systems which failed to control because inherent deficiences in the building or HVAC system made it uncontrollable; or of control failures because the designer failed to make his intent clear to others. It is hoped that the reader will be helped to avoid some of these pitfalls.

Capter 1. Control Theory and Terminology
Capter 2. Pneumatic Control Devices
Capter 3. Electric and Electronic Control Devices
Capter 4. Fluidic Control Devices
Capter 5. Flow Control Devices
Capter 6. Elemenary Control
Capter 7. Complete Control Systems
Capter 8. Electric Control Systems
Capter 9. Special Control
Capter 10. Digital and Supervisory Control Systems
Capter 11. Psychrometrics
Capter 12. Central Plant Pumping and Distribution Systems
Capter 13. Retrofit of Existing Control Systems
Capter 14. Dynamic Response and Tuning