Discipline of Market Leaders

the-disciplne-of-market-leaBook Code : SH6480 Title: The Discipline of Market Leaders
ISBN: 0-00-255648-0
Authors: Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema
Size: 15.8 x 24.0 c.m.
Pages: 210
Price: 650 Baht
Sale: 300 Baht (Second Hand)

This is a book about the discipline needed to become and remain number one. It’s based on five years of research and practice conducted with CSC index, the fastest-growing management consulting firm in the world. CSC Index launched a business revolution in 1993 with the publication of Reengineering the Corporation, by Michael Hammer and James Champy. That book, a bestseller around the globe, advanced a set of ideas about how companies can redesign the way they do their work. This book, The Discipline of Market Leaders, will change the way business leaders think about what work their companies should do. Reengineering  the Corporation was about how to run a race. The Discipline of Market Leaders is about choosing the race to run.
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